Warehouse Services

If you need stocked promotional products that will be distributed over a period of time, we stock, distribute, secure and track inventory to save you space and staff time. We offer a variety of services to our customers, including hang tagging, folding, bagging and other special packaging and inventory options.

• Our inventory warehouse team inspects our customers' orders against packing receipts of products received to verify that proper count, color and style and items are ready for your order.

• We monitor ideal inventory levels based on your historical and projected usage. Our storage facility is designed to secure short-term volume and long-term inventory requirements. Procedures are defined for each project to handle, store, pick and ship products per your set specifications, even to multiple destinations.

• We individually fold and package all garments in clear poly bags to keep product visible and free of dust. We offer multiple loading docks with clearly tagged rack and bin storage areas.

• Our 6,000 square foot warehouse is secured, insured and monitored to protect your inventory items.